Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban did his research and showed
“Food, the cheapest and best medicine”

Quietly so... Indeed, it is very much imperative to understand our metabolism to make sure that we are running healthily throughout our life.

With a phenomenal track record in the domains of Nutrition, Environmental Toxicology, Drugs of Abuse and Health, Dr.Kaniappan Padmanaban developed following counselling packages and we can avail it online. And do remember, its always easy for Dr.Kaniappan Padmanaban if you want a customised package that includes Nutrition, Drugs of Abuse, Medicines, environmental poisons and illness and in general about health or a combination of these.


€ 450.00

Hair Mineral Analysis, Interpretation, Individual Diet Plan and counselling

3 months

€ 80.00

Counselling, Diet plan and Supplements

Counselling, Diet plan and Supplements, if necessary in Skype or in Facebook Messenger

45 minutes

€ 140.00

Counselling for 6 Months

You can also ask in Whatsapp or Email – Questions in one or two sentences. Nutrition, Environment, Drugs of abuse and health.

6 months